Create CALM From Chaos

7 Steps To Maximize Power, Performance & Profits

​Create CALM From Chaos takes you step by step on how to create the bridge between your bright ideas and turning them into money making business(es). Looking at everything from Organizational Management to Implementation Systems, giving you a clear path to go from an idea to execution while creating your profit-making business.

"Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something." Morihei Ueshiba

We’re in a knowledge revolution today and there's no getting around this fact. Rapid amounts of change occur constantly in today’s world, providing new technologies, along with new ways of thinking and being. To stay on top of this change, you and your team must learn to adapt quickly, and be pro-active rather than reactive, allowing you to manoeuvre your business through the sea of volatility.

About Create CALM From Chaos

Create CALM From Chaos will provide you with comprehensive strategies you can easily implement to make more money in your business. Laurie shares her extensive experience and knowledge with you using clear examples, easy-to-understand language, and detailed lessons you can apply to structure your business for success. Laurie will teach you how to create systems in your business to allow you to be more organized, structured, and focused on what you do best to make your cash register ring! From lessons on time management, to maximizing your work environment, to managing clients, vendors, and employees - Laurie delivers an immense amount of valuable information and strategies into Create CALM From Chaos.











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About the Author

Premier International Business Strategy & Efficiency Consultant, Thought Leader, Global Speaker & #1 International Bestseller & Award Winning Author 

Laurie K. Grant supports entrepreneurs ready to Create CALM From Chaos or to start their business on the right foot. Her insights and savvy business skills help you see your business future now. Laurie K. Grant’s focus on the future is self-evident in this book, which teaches entrepreneurs how to create the structures required to sustain the life-cycle of their great business idea. She harnesses the power of clarity to reach optimal business success.

Laurie K. Grant

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Laurie K. Grant

What People are Saying...

Laurie K. Grant is the person you want on your team. She rolls up her sleeves, dives right in and gets to the root core of your business. Laurie provides a clear set of instructions for clarity in business formation or restructuring and has a proven track record of creating systems that achieve great success.

Sandra Yancey

CEO and Founder | eWomenNetwork, Inc., The Premier Women’s Business Network in North America

Laurie K Grant has a savvy awareness of future trends in business. As a result, she was able to help me get clearly focused on my business. Where I was a loose cannon in organizational skills, she helped me start to compartmentalize my products in a way that made more sense, and therefore created more income for my company.

Carla Wynn Hall

President, The Soulful Pen

Laurie K. Grant is truly a master of creating CALM from Chaos. She is highly skilled at coaching you through stressful changes. She brings order and CALM to even the most chaotic projects. Laurie can help even the most hopelessly disorganized to systemize their business, prioritize conflicting goals, and to bring focus and intention to the forefront. If you need assistance to take control of your business and to develop efficient processes to optimize your effectiveness, Laurie’s wisdom will be invaluable to you.

Barb Davies

Online Marketing & Business Consultant, Passionately Organic

Laurie’s confident, straightforward style and her many years of experience, can assist anyone in creating a more effective and efficient business. She is the calm amidst the storms of disorganization, lack of processes and inefficient teams. Laurie can quickly and effectively appraise the situation, recommend changes and solutions and assist with the implementation!! Laurie can definitely Create CALM From Chaos. 

Denise Joy Thompson

Owner, Denise Joy Coaching and The Coach Alliance.