3 Bucket Create CALM From Chaos Class


Maximizing Profits & Minimizing Loss

Chaotic business development, random systemization, and erratic profit optimization has never and will never solve the Problem

What is the Problem? Let’s face it, by now you’ve seen a few other businesses where almost every one of them talks about Business Analysis, Profit Analysis, Time Management, and every other “Management” a business would be willing to hear!

I’m not selling any do it Yourself by Yourself programs or services. My programs and services are designed and developed with the one thing that no one else is offering or will offer… and that is “Participant Outcomes“.

That’s right, my programs and services are not based around learn this, and apply that. They’re based on knowing your business systems, evaluating where your business is today, what’s your definition of business success and how creating the right foundation will put you on a solid path to maximizing your Power, Performance and Profits in your business.

Systemizing Your Business

Learn the importance of using systems, how to recognize business failure, and how systems create business success…

Embracing Your Change

Understand why change is difficult, yet necessary to grow your business and how to effectively manage changes in your business…

Leveraging Your Time

Discover how you can make the most of your time by working ON your business making money instead of working IN your business…

Optimizing Your Environment

Recognize different types of business clutter, identifying high impact business productivity points…

Managing Your Projects

Know your projects, outline effective project outcomes, and implement tracking project life cycle…

The Program Creator – Laurie K. Grant

Premier International Business Strategy & Efficiency Consultant, Thought Leader, Global Speaker & #1 International Bestseller & Award Winning Author 

Laurie K. Grant supports entrepreneurs ready to Create CALM From Chaos or to start their business on the right foot. Her insights and savvy business skills help you see your business future now. Laurie K. Grant’s focus on the future is self-evident in this book, which teaches entrepreneurs how to create the structures required to sustain the life-cycle of their great business idea. She harnesses the power of clarity to reach optimal business success.

Laurie K. Grant

Laurie has worked with several large corporations in implementing change successfully, she has been doing this for a very long and she loves to with you. As you can see below the clients has worked with you are assured to have the same success these large corporations has got at a small investment. 

Laurie understands the challenges you will face when creating a prudent process for your business which can help you leverage your time allowing you to focus on what is important in your business – making money.

In this program you will gain the ability create CALM in your business by optimizing your environment so that you can easily manage multiple projects without the Chaos.

Some clients I have worked with…

Get Access to Create CALM from Chaos

You want Laurie to work with you and help you bring CALM to your business then you have the opportunity to work with her 1-1. This program will give you access to her strategies on how you can effortlessly implement the change you want without the worry of falling back to where you started.

This change is permanent!!

Laurie can only help 5 business owners, hurry now if you want to join!!

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What people are saying…

Laurie K. Grant is the person you want on your team. She rolls up her sleeves, dives right in and gets to the root core of your business. Laurie provides a clear set of instructions for clarity in business formation or restructuring and has a proven track record of creating systems that achieve great success.

Sandra Yancey

CEO and Founder | eWomenNetwork, Inc., The Premier Women’s Business Network in North America

Laurie K Grant has a savvy awareness of future trends in business. As a result, she was able to help me get clearly focused on my business. Where I was a loose cannon in organizational skills, she helped me start to compartmentalize my products in a way that made more sense, and therefore created more income for my company.

Carla Wynn Hall

President, The Soulful Pen

Laurie K. Grant is truly a master of creating CALM from Chaos. She is highly skilled at coaching you through stressful changes. She brings order and CALM to even the most chaotic projects. Laurie can help even the most hopelessly disorganized to systemize their business, prioritize conflicting goals, and to bring focus and intention to the forefront. If you need assistance to take control of your business and to develop efficient processes to optimize your effectiveness, Laurie’s wisdom will be invaluable to you.

Barb Davies

Online Marketing & Business Consultant, Passionately Organic

Owner, Denise Joy Coaching and The Coach Alliance.

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Create CALM from Chaos Workshop

1 Day – 8 Hour – $995

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5 Introductory Classes

Workbook & Handouts

Business Chaos Analysis of Your Business

Signed Copy of My Award-Winning Book

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Create CALM from Chaos Workshop

1 Day – 8 Hour – $995

Optimum 1:1 Attention

5 Advanced Classes

Workbook & Handouts

Business Chaos Analysis of Your Business

Signed Copy of My Award-Winning Book

Lifetime Access to Private Create CALM Facebook Group

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Create CALM from Chaos 1-1 with Laurie

1 Day – 6 hours – $1495.00

1 Month – 2 Hours / week $1995.00

3 Months – 2 Hours / week $4995.00

6 Months – 2 Hours / week $9995.00

Business Chaos Analysis of Your Business

Signed Copy of My Award-Winning Book

Lifetime Access to Private Create CALM Facebook Group

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$795, $995, $2995, $4995

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